Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bella Luna Give Away | Wee Folk Art

Yes, Bella Luna Toys is giving away two $25 gift certificates over at WeeFolkArt!! Bella Luna is the sweetest website with so many lovely toys, crafts, and books. Check it out, and good luck!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Teeny, Tiny Princess and a Teeny Tiny Pea

I have such wonderfully creative daughters! This past Christmas, I really wanted to make Elsa a Princess and the Pea set inspired by the lovely print from Heather Ross's Far Far Away fabric line. But...I was running out of time! My darling Lucy stepped in on Christmas Eve and made the sweetest little princess doll and sewed up 20 tiny matresses while I put together a little bag to hold it all. The results were just as enchanting as I had hoped, and I had the added benefit of a delightful time spent crafting with my daughter.

The matresses and contrasting fabrics on the bag are from Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut line of fabric.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sew Sweet

Last month I had a bit of sweet sewing to catch up on. First, I had cut out this star baby for Elsa last fall when I made this baby for her little cousin. In January, Elsa could see that I had some "free time" haha, and insisted that I finish it. No problem! It is always such a joy to sew little dollies full of love!

Next, I needed to finish a gift for some dear little twin baby friends of ours.

I'm afraid I got a bit carried away in my enthusiasm and made a whole batch of these little sweeties!

Now I have a nice little pile of baby dolls...I don't really know what to do with them but they sure are cute.

Here are the dollies for the twins, all bundled up in little bags for safekeeping.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grade One, X, Y, Z

These letters were very difficult for me to plan. I have been trying to stay as true to waldorf principles as possible with our approach to the alphabet, but coming up with stories to base this lesson on just wasn't happening. I finally went back to Steiner's lecture "Teaching Children to Write" and realized that the letters and thier forms can come from life experiences and don't have to be tied to a specific fairy tale! Whew! So that is what I did. Thus we came up with the following words and pictures. I think it worked well, as Elsa did not balk at all and is now finished with her lessons about the consonants.

Grade One, P & Q

Letters P & Q
Waldorf Alphabet Book
A Journey Through Waldorf First Grade
Oak Meadow Kindergarten

The Three Spinners - Grimm, as told in Oak Meadow Kindergarten Fairy Tales

This is a great story to flesh out with details and dialogue. I based my retelling off the interpretation in Oak Meadow Kindergarten as I knew Elsa would love the addition of the little pet quail. We also named our lazy girl soon to be princess "Polly" and the prince "Peter" and said that they had been best friends in school. "Polly" wasn't so much lazy in our version, but rather dreamy.

Grade One, L & N

**I am doing some serious catching up here! I really want to post about as many of our Waldorf homeschool lessons as possible as I know how helpful it can be to see what other families are doing. So the next few posts actually occured in the last 3 months!

Letters L & N
Waldorf Alphabet Book
A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling Grade One
Oak Meadow Kindergarten

Little Red Riding Hood - Grimm
The Nixie of the Mill Pond - Grimm

"Little Red Lingers on the Lane"

"Naughty Nixie Needs Nelly's Gold"