Monday, June 7, 2010


.: A few images from Jill's graduation day ~ a day filled with family and friends, laughter and tears, hope for the future and nostalgia for the past...

.:Jill was beautiful wearing a dress that has become a family heirloom. Made by my Oma for my own high school graduation, it was modeled after the dress my great-grandmother Mattie Ethel White wore for her graduation in 1913.

.:Jill's cake was a traditional Norwegian spongecake with strawberries and raspberries and whipped cream in the center, and a marzipan topping.

I have been struggling to find words to express my feelings as my eldest daughter/eldest child graduates from high school, turns 18, and enrolls in college. She is an amazing girl, and I have complete confidence in her, but I still feel just that twinge that all mamas feel at this stage~ of hope that I have done everything I could to prepare her for her future, worry that I could have done more...But looking at her sweet, radiant face, so full of joy and love with only the slightest hint of bewilderment (natural for this stage in life), I think we'll be all right.