Friday, September 11, 2009

September Circle Time

Candle Verse:
When everything is quiet, the light fairies come,
Bringing light and warmth, from the stars and sun.

Opening Verses:
Morning has come, night is away
We rise with the sun to welcome the day.

I can be as tall as a tall, tall tree.
I can be as small as a small, small seed.

German Songs:
Kommt ein Vogel Gefloegen
Haeschen in der Grube

Fun songs:
The Little Rabbit (little cabin in the wood)
It's Autumn Time

Activity song:
Oh, Oh, Oh, (the Dwarves March in a Row)

Math Practice:
Skip counting by 3's - marching, bean bag toss, clapping, song (tune of "Frere Jacques")

Seasonal Story:
"September" from "A Time To Keep" by Tasha Tudor or "All Year Round" by Elsa Beskow
"Christopher's Harvest Time"
"The Apple Cake"
"Our Apple Tree"

Recorder Practice

Closing Verse:
Here is a spark from Father Sun's light,
To keep in our hearts so warm and bright.

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