Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grade One, Week Two

Letters of the week S & T
Stories: "The Seven Swans" by Grimm
"The Three Little Men of the Forest" by Grimm
"Magic in the Garden" Oak Meadow Kindergarten Fairy Tales
Form Drawing - Spiral

I should mention that we have the "Waldorf Alphabet Book" by Famke Zonneveld. It has beautiful pictures for each letter and Elsa has fun looking for all the things that begin with the letter.

Chalkboard drawing for S

Elsa's MLB entry for S

More chalkboard for S and spirals. Elsa had fun copying the snail's name from "The Story of the Root Children" by Sibylle von Olfers.

Of course, our bread had to be made into cute little snail buns! She did them all by herself!

My MLB for T
I decided to stop doing the letters on the chalkboard as I want it to be a place to inspire both children. So now our chalkboard has the date on it decorated with seasonal pictures.

Elsa's MLB for T. Although she liked the story of the "Three Little Men in the Forest", she really thought it was a dumb one for T! She did not see the connection with the letter, and didn't see why the little men would be standing in a T shape. I scrambled around and found the story from the Oak Meadow Kindergarten which is about plum trees in a little garden. Elsa loved it, and had no problem making a tree for T! That's the fun of homeschooling, we can decide what stories will most inspire our children for a particular subject.

Coincidentally, Friday of this week was Tasha Tudor's birthday! Perfect for wrapping up T. We celebrated by baking Becky's Birthday Cake from Tasha Tudor's Cookbook and reading some of her stories.

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Ros said...

YOU ARE AMAZING! It brings me such joy to hear about your teaching.