Friday, June 19, 2009

Double Watermelons!

This week I was honored to receive two watermelon awards from two amazing ladies! Thank you so much Jane and Linda!

Accepting this award means that I list 6 things that make me happy, so here they are:

1. My wonderful, sweet husband who loves me in spite of all my eccentricities (or maybe, hopefully, because of my eccentricities!)

2. My 5 amazing children who have brought me back to magic and wonderment, and make me smile every day.

3. My home - the warmth inside and the green outside are everything I could have wished for (short of an estate in England, lol!)

4. My garden - I'm not the most amazing green thumb, but working out there brings me such peace and joy.

5. My animals - just watching all the new babies makes me smile!

6. My sister Missy, who always makes me laugh and accepts me for who I am even when she knows I could be better.

Now, to nominate refreshing blogs...blogs I love to visit and always make me smile...and that haven't already received this award!

1. My sister Missy, who shares her amazing talents on

2. My sister Hanne, who has an incredible eye for beauty and knows how to create warmth in a home I'm also including her creative blog where she shares the most delicious recipes... (you can pick which one the award goes to, Hanne! You don't have to do it twice!)

3. Suzanne in South Africa, who has the most beautiful family, home, and garden, and makes the sweetest things for her etsy shop.

4. Tammy in Idaho, who finds things to smile about in spite of trials, and you know her hapiness is contagious just by looking at her sweet girls who are always smiling!

5. My new friend, Fawn, who seriously cracks me up when I read her blog!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahh Beth, you are so nice... are you still trying to make up for all of those years of picking on me when we were growing up (lol) nah, really I love it. you are my best friend and I'm honored to call you my sister.
:) I love you! Missy

ps. that salad the other day IS super delish and I'm craving it right now!