Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A bedtime carrot for Carrot

Elsa was so cute last night feeding her bunny a bedtime snack. She was so excited when he stood up on his little back legs "Just like Peter Rabbit!" She loves her little bunny so much! His name is "Carrot" and his brother is Robin's bunny "Clover". Both were rescued along with thier 9 brothers and sisters by our friend Ryan. Robin and Elsa were thrilled to be allowed to pick out two for thier very own, and have been taking excellent care of thier little bunnies.

When we first brought the bunnies home, Carrot had a broken leg. Happily, with some popsicle stick splinting his leg healed perfectly, so now, 3 weeks later he is a very happy and active bunny!


Anonymous said...

so adorable! I didn't even see the bunnies last time I came to visit you. did you have them then?
:) Missy

fawndear said...

Before I even read your post I was thinking of Peter Rabbit when I first saw the cute picture.

Carrots is adorable. My girls would love rabbits. But I haven't found a hutch that's big enough and they have a hard enough time taking care of the family pet as it is.

DotC said...

you are killing me here, with the cute. We have to come visit again soon, especially since I am not working just now. ;)