Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

I had thought we would celebrate the day by finishing the work in our garden - moving the rest of this compost pile and planting the beans and lettuce. But, things don't always work out as planned. Instead, I spent the morning cleaning out goat stalls so that Princess doesn't catch us unprepared (she isn't due until May 4th, but she's enormous!) And then I spent the (too hot to work outside anyway) afternoon finishing the tidying of my sewing room so that I can get started on Jill's Prom dress. (More about that later!) Don't even ask about homeschooling! Ok, so they did both do some really nice reading aloud, found and identified a caterpillar, discoverd hummingbirds in both the front and back yards, and they helped take care of our poor goat, Dancer, who hasn't been feeling well and needed some extra love. So if it seemed that it was just an ordinary day, well, I can smile with the realization that every day is Earth Day around here!


Anonymous said...

sounds fun!
:) Missy

Hanne said...

you are amazing! and the best juggler I know!!!!