Monday, April 20, 2009

County Fair Fun!

This was our sixth year as a family showing our animals at the Maricopa County Fair. It was a very fun and exhausting week, but well worth the effort. We took 14 goats, 5 chickens, and our 2 turkeys, and they all won ribbons!
After the goat show on Friday we all took some fun time and rode the rides. David loves this time of the fair as he can ride all the scary rides with the kids. I usually just do the tame rides with Elsa as I am really, no I mean REALLY not in to being spun, dropped, and turned upside-down!

Jesse's only entry in the goat show was his LaMancha doe, Pirouette. He bottle-raised her from a baby when her mama rejected her last spring. If you go to our goat blog you will see him feeding her on the blog banner. She won first place in her class of senior yearlings.

Here are all our goat ribbons! The biggest excitement of the day was our little Merci, who took Grand Champion Senior Doe and Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf! Hers is the big black and gold ribbon.

Remember our lovely Tom Turkey? Well here are all the prizes he brought home!! I guess I'm not the only one who thinks he's a handsome devil! He won a blue ribbon, Champion Turkey, Class Champion, and a trophy for Champion of all other fowl. He actually won more awards than any other bird at the fair!!
I will have more about the goat show on my goat blog just as soon as I get the rest of the pictures from my mom...


Tammy said...

Congratulations to all of your animals and of course YOU. I am so glad they did well...I know you love them much and take good care of them.

As for the rides...the scarier the better in my opinion! ;)

Linda said...

Oh wow Beth, congratulations to you and all of your precious animals! You must have been so excited to have them win all of those ribbons, wonderful....

suzanne said...

Hello Beth

How proud you must be. I can see you all love your animals. I would just love to take my children and animals to a show. I just love my animals too. What I really love is the way they all follow me. I can walk into the garden and there they are right behind and in front of me. Then I move and everyone follows. I would love to meet your goats Beth.

Well done everyone!
Warm regards

Magical Mom said...

beautiful animals! I diidn't realize that Maricopa had their fair so early but it makes sense with the heat and all. Congrats on all awards!

Ros said...

Of course, the joy of winning after such dedicated, diligent work all year... but what strikes me the most is the family unity and memory making! I just read someone's blog whose family memories were cheering for their brothers at baseball every Saturday (all day)... whatever our flavor, it's that togetherness that warms my soul =)

Beth said...

Thanks everyone!
Ros, you are right. It is the family togetherness that makes it so special. We love the ribbons and recognition of course, but the memories are priceless. For the past couple of years, as the kids have grown older and busier, I have asked if they still really want to do the county fair. It is always a unanimous "Yes!!" and I am always so relieved! Even though we don't all have the same level of interest or participation, and that frustrates me sometimes, I am so grateful that it is still something that everyone wants to do and enjoys doing together.