Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Elves

Last fall my sister Missy came over and introduced us to the very fun concept of art paper dolls. Today I'm feeling a little magical, so I thought I would post this awesome picture my girls made for their best friend. Jill and Lucy and Katie have had an imagination game going for almost as long as they can remember, so for Katie's birthday, Jill and Lucy decided to make a paper doll collage depicting some of the characters. These were their favorite characters - the floating girl is Lucy, she's the "What", a kind of ghost girl who was killed by lightning while standing in a tree singing. That's her tree/home place in the center; her powers are vast (so I'm told, apparantly you really don't talk about your powers...). The middle elf is Katie, or "Mithrah" in the game. The winged girl is Jill's dragon elf, "Moonshadow."
I am always amazed at how creative these girls are, although I don't know why it would suprise me. They come from a long line of artists!


Anonymous said...

those are so amazing! I'm glad I introduced you guys to making paperdolls. :)

Tammy said...

Wonderful magical creativity! :)

Magical Mom said...

I just love seeing all the wonder-filled creations your family comes up with.