Monday, February 23, 2009

More Math

Coincidentally last week Elsa and Robin had the same topic for math according to K-12. (note: I am really laid back about the K-12 Kindergarten with Elsa and am way more Waldorfy with her. K-12 is very advanced and academic so we are very careful not to push beyond her developmental level. I really strive to keep things magical and gentle for her still.) Also coincidentally, we had just read "Oxcart Man" to Elsa, so the two math lessons were easily taught together. I drew the pretend garden and they took turns counting and tallying the vegetables, then Robin graphed them in his lesson book and Elsa helped me color the sample graph. It's always fun when they can do things together, and many of our math lessons can be adapted for both.


Magical Mom said...

Math is the worst around here and it is my fault! Someday all my children will love math.....if I say that enough over and over maybe it will come true.
Waldorf inspired at least makes it a little more fun!

Anonymous said...

I really admire you for homeschooling Robin and Elsa (and back when you homeschooled Lucy) you always seem to have such great ideas on how to get them to learn!