Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sweet 16

An early morning birthday greeting awaited our sweet girl as she readied herself for school and a new year.

A few more gifts were added during the day - made with love by a little brother and sister.

Finally birthday dinner is finished, Happy Birthday is sung, and it is time to open gifts!

Surprises revealed! Perfect treats for a creative, music loving teenage girl.


suzanne said...

A Happy Birthday to your Lucy Beth. How special to wake up to such a lovely Birthday preparation.

A Happy day to you
Warm regards

Tammy said...

Happy birthday Lucy! What a delightful way to celebrate a special day. :)

Hanne said...

Lucy is so pretty! Hope she had a great birthday!

Sallybee said...

Beautiful, artistic blog and beautiful, artistic Lucy. (like her mother)

Catpad said...

Happy birthday!
Nice presents ;)

Crystal Star said...

For real- she's 16! I can tell she's well-loved!

willie and camie shill said...

it's hard to believe she is 16... i still think all those little kids are just KIDS! she is sooo beautiful!