Friday, January 8, 2010

A Fairy Went A-Marketing

Once again my sister is hostessing a very enchanting swap! I am so excited about it this year as we worked together to come up with ideas. There are two categories - one for adults and one for kids, and prizes for both. For more information and to JOIN hop on over to her blog. To see pictures of some of last year's enchantment, check out the flickr group here and pictures of what I sent here.


fawndear said...

Me too, Me too. I can't wait for this swap.

suzanne said...

Hello Beth

I would love to participate in this swap. I will be visiting Sister today to get the scoop on the rules. Thanks Beth

Not too sure if I have wished you a happy new year yet...Happy new year!

Warm regards

Hip Mountain Mama said...

I am very intrigued...I am off to check it out, thanks for sharing!