Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

It was a quiet week last week, hence no posting... We had spring break, but didn't go anywhere. It was actually really nice to just have a quiet week with no school. Here are a few images of what we were doing.

We celebrated my Oma's 90th birthday. Here David is serving her a piece of her cake. It was a great day, with most of my Bielefeldt cousins and all my siblings there. I have to say, Oma has really passed on her love of life and fun and her creativity to her posterity!

Popcorn popping on the apricot tree...the whole yard is in bloom now. Ahh, spring!

Our Saint Patrick's Day feast. We usually have lamb stew rather than corned beef, but this year the kids wanted both. So Monday we had the stew with Irish soda bread, and a family home evening about St. Patrick and missionary work. On Tuesday we had the corned beef and cabbage meal, which also lent itself to awesome Reuben sandwiches the next day.

We finally finished up Elsa's other pixie swap. This is just a sneak peek...the bag is filled with more treasures! It goes in the mail today, and hopefully will arrive safely in Singapore.

And, we celebrated the newest birth in the goat barn! Jill's Nubian, Kitty, kidded with just one little buckling. He is really adorable, and Kitty's milk is amazing!


Tammy said...

Good for you, enjoying your spring break! We usually wait for warmer weather here, which usually falls about a month or so after the public schools take their break.

suzanne said...

Hi Beth

Wow Spring is in the air for you. The blossoms are gorgeous. We have our Autumn now so I am going to try very hard to fully embrace Winter this year. I am from Zimbabwe and I cant ever remember getting Winter there as a child. I do love the African sun so but will cherish the cold too.. I do look forward to the fires and warm blankets, the stews and broths... Oh there I go see getting used to it already. I hope you are well.

Warm regards

Linda said...

Your photos are beautiful! Spring is definately in the air... I love your photo of your newest arrival in the goat barn, thanks for sharing....