Monday, March 16, 2009

Robin's Pixie Swap

When everyone was getting excited about Fairy and Pixie swaps, Robin really wanted to participate too. Fortunately one of Missy's friends has a son about Robin's age who also wanted to participate, so they got to be partners. Both boys had fun being creative and magical!

Here is what Robin made for Ezie. He sewed the pouch himself and helped with the brass eyelets. He felted a ball and a pouch, and made the borax crystal ornament. He made the wand almost entirely on his own with a stick from our yard, copper wire, wool roving, and peacock feathers from our peacocks.

Robin was so excited to come home from playing on Saturday and find his box from Ezie! He ripped right in to it and found all the great treasures above. Thanks, Ezie for being a great partner! Robin loves everything you sent, has already used some of the tattoos and driven us all crazy with the noisemakers :-)


Anonymous said...

wow! what a great boy's pixie swap ideas!

SylviaBielefeldt said...

How fun and how creative Robin is! Love the wand and crystal, etc.

suzanne said...

Hi Beth

I think this Pixie swap is lovely and think I will start this with our neighbour friends.

Thank you for the idea

Warm regards