Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lucky Little Winter Visitor

I was just on one of the homeschoolingwaldorf ladies' blogs and saw her little winter ladybug, and remembered that I had meant to post this picture last month. Well, never to late for a little winter cheer, right? This sweet little visitor appeared in our house the night we put up our Christmas tree - early December. We were quite amazed and felt very fortunate for such an unusual visit! In Europe, ladybugs are bringers of good fortune. Maybe we can take it as a symbol of hope for the new year. Already this year has started off suprisingly peaceful for us. We seem to feel a sense of togetherness and purpose. Recognizing the beauty and blessings in our life and taking the time to really treasure those small simple moments is my goal for the new year. Peace and beauty for 2009!

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Tammy said...

I love your little ladybug. :) We were so surprised to find ours in our home the other day!

By the way, I'm putting your blog in my favorites. I thought I'd take a quick look, then I just kept on reading, and reading, and reading. Your email inbox is probably now filled with all my comments. lol!