Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yes, we saw the movie. Yes, we loved it! I really think it captured the spirit of the book in the way some of the better movie adaptations have. Of course it wasn't perfect, but it certainly gave the same feeling and I am very glad we saw it. The Washington scenery was amazing! And it was fun to be in a very responsive audience - gasping, sighing, giggling, laughing right out loud at "aren't people from Arizona supposed to be, like, tan?" Yeah, it was a ton of fun! Though David did notice that the female to male ratio in the audience was about 20:1!!

The picture above is an awesome sculpture my girls put together from things they found at Marshalls.


Hanne said...

cool!!!! Can't wait to see the movie!Wish I was there with you and the girls! Poor Dave :( so it was him and maybe 2-3 other guys?! Cool sculpture too!!!

Tammy said...

Ok, I'm really loving your blog. lol!

My girls and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie too. It was nearly as good as the book. :)

Did you know the next movie will be out in November?