Sunday, November 16, 2008

Star Baby

Last week Elsa was learning about the number 5. To introduce the number we talked about the 5 pointed star shape, fingers and toes, and how we can make a star shape if we stretch out our arms and legs. Then I read her a sweet little story about an old couple who wish they had a child and find a star baby. Friday morning Elsa woke up so excited to find a star baby on her pillow! She says "it appeared in my hair and then fell on my pillow! I think the angels gave it to me...her mom and dad stars died and so the angels gave her to me because she wanted to come to me....This is the best morning of my whole life!!"

Such a sweet, magical view of the world!


Hanne said...

You are just so darn creative!!!!! Can you give me some of that creativity for Christmas???
Lucky,Lucky Elsa! She is so cute! It's stories like this that make me miss you guys so much!

SylviaBielefeldt said...

I too would love some of that creativity for Christmas. What fun!!