Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grade One, X, Y, Z

These letters were very difficult for me to plan. I have been trying to stay as true to waldorf principles as possible with our approach to the alphabet, but coming up with stories to base this lesson on just wasn't happening. I finally went back to Steiner's lecture "Teaching Children to Write" and realized that the letters and thier forms can come from life experiences and don't have to be tied to a specific fairy tale! Whew! So that is what I did. Thus we came up with the following words and pictures. I think it worked well, as Elsa did not balk at all and is now finished with her lessons about the consonants.


Numeric MaMa said...

What a good idea for X, Y and Z! I love that you pulled it out of life experiences and what would interest your child. Very inspiring! Thank you for posting your pictures.


Nicole Benjamin said...

Such a beautiful post and a gorgeous way to learn!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Really nice, I like all that you have been doing with the letters. The princess is sweet, and I am definitely doing Little Red Cap for L next time. My youngest loves it, though we are still a year and a half from 1st grade.
Thanks for sharing.
Hope all has been well!