Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Neighborhood Nativity

Every year our neighborhood gathers for a Nativity play and dinner. Our family helps by providing Mary's "donkey" (our pony) and various goats for the shepherds. This year a new neighbor family brought a "camel" (llama) for the wise men and a darling miniature jersey cow! The cast is the children, with the nine year olds traditionally up on the scaffolding as angels, the oldest 11 year old girl and boy as Mary and Joseph, anyone brave enough to hold a goat as shepherds, and three 9-11 year old boys as wise men. All the other kids join in the Children's Choir. It is a beautiful and sweet event usually held the first Saturday in December. It is such a lovely way to start our season focused on the true meaning of Christmas.


Jane said...

That sounds so neat!!! What a wonderful way to connect with your neighbors. It truely sounds like such a grand experience! I would so love to live in your nighborhood!

Linda said...

Hello Beth,
What a wonderful way for your neighbourhood to come together at the beginning of this festive season:) Wishing you a blessed Christmas....