Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Michaelmas Week

"I give to you this cape of light,
to give you courage, strength and might."
We had a wonder-filled week preparing for our Michaelmas celebration. This was our first time celebrating a truly Waldorf festival and I must say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Early in the week we felted shooting star balls, then dyed them and our silk capes with sunflowers from our yard and tumeric. Even my big girls had fun with their capes, and wore them to school on the 29th. They quite happily explained to thier friends why.
On Friday, my sister and her daughters and Gramie joined us for our official Michaelmas Festival...
All the kids made thier own cute dragon breads using Tasha Tudor's White Bread Recipe (made with half whole wheat flour, and goat milk of course!)

They really were too cute to eat! But we did eat them, with delicious Daddy-made potato soup.

Robin spent two days making an amazing dragon pinata. He used a rocket balloon, paper mache, paint, and tissue paper. All the kids took turns fighting the dragon with Saint Michael's sword, and upon it's demise were showered with golden butterscotch candies.

The field for the shooting star throw was carefully marked in 20 foot increments.....

...using stakes artfully adorned by Jesse with sunflowers.

Finally the courageous angels were ready (just look at those characters!)

Stars were flung, capes swirled, and everyone cheered!

After all the outdoor excitement, we were treated to an exciting rendition of "St. George and the Dragon" starring Jesse as the noble St. George, Robin as the ferocious dragon, Elsa as the brave princess, and Jill as the wise queen. We then sang "A Boy's Resolve" and happily agreed that Michaelmas is definitely an awesome festival!
(P.S. You can read my sister's version with a few different pictures on her blog here.)


Linda said...

Lovely Beth!
I just commented on you natural dyeing post, so beautiful!

suzanne said...

Hello Beth I hope you are well.
This is such a lovely post. I can feel the spirit of the celebration so strongly. I try to incoporate all the Waldorf celebrations and there are so many that we truly have a rich life filled with festival preparations. Its wonderful.

Have a peaceful day dear friend
Warm regards

Anonymous said...

oh yes, definitely a new tradition! thanks for letting us come celebrate it with you!
love you!

Nicole said...

It was lovely to read of your celebration Beth! I love the richness and meaningful Waldorf celebrations so much! It looks like your family had a very beautiful day!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Such a lovely tea party and I love the dragon bread -- it's darling!

I found you through the stocking stuffer exchange, I love the fun traditions you have with your family : )

pink and green mama MaryLea