Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Elsa's Real Birthday

Elsa turned six while she and I were in Pennsylvania last month. We celebrated with our friends and had a quiet, relaxing day...

First thing in the morning, Elsa opened her present from me - a beautiful, magical, hand-knitted mare made by my friend Suzanne at "Down in the Meadow". I love Suzanne's shop, everything she makes is made with love and care, and she is a kindred spirit! This pony was knitted while at the seaside with her family, and is made of organic, naturally dyed wool. You can read the charming story of the wool on her blog here. Elsa was so very happy with her little pony - it has become a fast friend.After a very hot and humid morning, a huge thunderstorm moved in for the afternoon. It was beautiful and cool, and the kids and I sat on the front porch and watched the rain fall on the Susquehanna River. Elsa got to try out her new birthday umbrella.

Later that evening Elsa and I had a new experience - watching fireflies! We don't have them here in Arizona, so this was a special treat. It was so amazing to see the little bugs flashing and flying in the twilight. Elsa caught a jarful and we watched them for a long time before we let them go.
Elsa's birthday cake was another first for her - ice cream cake! It was so yummy! Elsa said it was the best birthday ever.


Tammy said...

Happy birthday Elsa!

We love Suzanne's creations here, too. :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your little one, Suzanne does make beautiful treasures, what a lovely horse :)

SylviaBielefeldt said...

when I was a little girl we had many adventures watching the fireflies in Tempe, Arizona and imagining a magical world. A couple of weeks ago Dad and I were surprised to see the tiny glow of a firefly at the cabin one evening. So, yes, they are here. (even though they are supposedly in the East)

Anonymous said...

Awww! such a fun birthday for my little sweetie!
love, Aunt Missy :)

Magical Mom said...

Oh what a treat to see fireflies. I grew up here in AZ and never got to see any fireflies until I was 21. What a happy birthday. I hope it will be a wonderful year full of fun forher.

suzanne said...

Hello Dear friend Beth

I am so happy Elsa had a special birthday and that she loves her magical mare. Thank you for adding in your kind words. It is my son Aaron's all time ambition to find a firefly. The first was a seahorse which he accomplished and the firefly is his next.

Have a wonderful week Beth.

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Elsa!
Your daughter is a beautiful girl : )
I love that she received one of Suzanne's beautiful creations, she is a sweet friend of mine too and her work is exquisite and most of all made with such love!