Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elsa's "Fake Birthday"

Elsa turned 6 on the 16th, but as she and I were to be in Pennsylvania on her birthday, we celebrated at home on the 13th. Lucy worked hard and finished up the felt birthday crowns for Elsa and her 3 best friends.

Birthday cupcakes with siblings, cousins, and friends.

Present time! The big baby doll was mama made using a kit from It was pretty easy to make - I even plowed through a crocheted wig for the dolly using the boucle wool yarn which was a major challenge for a beginner! But it turned out beautiful and completely fulfilled Elsa's wishes.
Birthday sparklers to end the evening.


fawndear said...

Looks like a perfect ending to an enchanting birthday. Why do they have to grow up so quickly?

suzanne said...

Dear Beth

What is it about little 6 year olds. I am so enjoying my little Olivia (6years) . Elsa looks so sweet and oh so happy to be amoungst her friends and family.

Have a wonderful week

Warm regards

Hanne said...

how sweet! I love the crowns!