Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grandparent's Day

Yesterday the kids were all invited to a Grandparent's Holiday Party at the Bielefeldt Grandparents house. (The invitation was made by artist Grandaddy - it even has our black rooster on it!) They all had a ton of fun, making ornaments and cards and playing with the cousins. They are working on some kind of secret project for the parents, I know this because they all had their pictures taken in front of the tree yesterday, and today we parents were asked to send Grammie a picture of them in front of our trees at home. That can only mean that there is a suprise in the making!

Well, just you try to get 5 very silly kids to take a nice picture on a Sunday afternoon. I have been trying for about 8 years now, and it usually ends up looking like this....

Ok, I guess that one will work...I do love these kids! Today in sacrament meeting the three oldest started giggling so hard. Now it's usually the younger two that are the handful at church, but since we switched to 8 AM, those two are mostly in a sleep-deprived stupor for the first hour. Anyway, after I reached over and pinched (gently, really) the three big kids, they admitted that they had just realized what "geeks" they all are: Jill in her long black gloves, Lucy with her Scottish family tartan scarf, Jesse with his long hair, all had been quietly arguing about Star Wars. And we wonder why we don't perfectly "fit in"..... :-)


SylviaBielefeldt said...

That reminds me of a few years ago when an elegant lady whom I greatly admired turned around in church and reprimanded Beth, Missy and Marsie for making too much noise in church. I was so offended that she thought I wasn't managing my angel girls very well. Love, Mom

Melisa & Erik Nielsen said...

Ok Ms. Elizabeth... our family of geeks has you beat! I took beeswax to Sac. meeting a few weeks back (yes, we are LDS if you didn't know, lol) - so Ellie (7yo) and I are sitting reverently making a Christmas angel and I turn to Daddy and the boys who are crafting pieces of Pac Man. Daddy with the big yellow Pac Man and the boys with the ghosts. Then of course Sammy chimes in... in a not so hushed tones "DADDY! wacka wacka wacka" (imagine the pacman sound!) I seriously thought we would be kicked out. That was a day I was very glad that we are in charge of nursery instead of going to EQ or RS! The looks I would have gotten from the sweet old ladies who have forgotten what it was like to have a tribe like ours!

Melisa Nielsen