Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Climbing trees

I couldn't resist putting up these two pictures of my little monkeys! They love tree climbing and so do I! In fact, you could say we are a family of tree climbers as David has an amazing history of tree climbing as a kid in Flagstaff and I practically lived in our grapefruit tree all summer growing up. A few years ago Jill, Lucy, and Jesse were climbing trees at our neighborhood park when a parent told them to stop, that those trees were not for climbing! Well, they were the perfect climbing trees, and I told the kids that if anyone ever said that again tell them that "my mom says trees are for climbing!"
Just last night I read something about how climing trees is a great way to connect the right and left sides of the brain! I knew I was right about the value of climbing trees!!

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Hanne said...

I was just telling my kids about our giant grapefruit tree we had in our backyard, and how we would climb to the very top and look out and see all of Gilbert! I still remember the smell of the bark, the leaves and the bitter grapefruits.
Mmmmm! childhood!